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Helping our youth see that their potential is not limited to their surroundings while combatting gun violence in the process. Pouring into the purpose of our youth helps strengthen their outcomes and our future.


To ensure that gun violence in urban environments is significantly decreased by providing our youth a safe space for them to thrive so they can reach their full potential.

Our Story

Nicholas and Ashlynn Nelson were two very loved and intelligent teenagers that had a bright future ahead of them. The love and life that was poured into them and their younger sister was not always easy, but very much needed especially in the current times that we live in. Nick and Lynns' life was cut short on August 23, 2019, due to a senseless act of gun violence at the hands of a 15yr old. I decided to forgive the individual that took my babies away even before learning that he himself was a baby. It has been placed on my heart to want to give back to the black and brown community to help save our children because on August 23 we didn't just lose two children we lost three and I don't want another child to be lost due to gun violence.

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